Watch Senator Rhett's College Hall of Fame Video Induction


(L-R) Gregorio Kishketon, Carlos Robinson, Murod Mamatov, Dr. Michael Rhett, Sen. Rob Standridge

On behalf of the Oklahoma City Community College Association of Alumni and Friends, we congratulate the 2018 Oklahoma City Community College Alumni Hall of Fame inductees recently honored in a ceremony on-campus:

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Gregorio Kishketon - Privacy, HIPAA, FOIA and Compliance Officer – US Department of Veterans Affairs 

Carlos Robinson - Director of Admissions, Recruitment, and Outreach – Langston University

Murod Mamatov - Owner/Operator – Ellis Island Coffee and Wine Lounge

Dr. Michael Rhett - Senator, Georgia District 33

Sen. Rob Standridge - Senator, Oklahoma District 15; Pharmacist; Entrepreneur




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Senator Rhett's

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Capitol Office

321-A Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 656-0054


Legislative Assistant

Stephanie Tanner

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Senate Committee 

Senator Doc Rhett 

is a member.


Senate Finance- Member

 Senate Judiciary - Member


Veterans, Military and Homeland Security - Member

Senate Higher Education  Member




Senator "Doc" Rhett has successfully sent to the Governor for his signature!


SB 31

Law enforcement liability coverage when rescuing children & pets in hot locked cars

Read Here

HB 79

Read Here!

Blind persons; child custody rights; provisions

Read Here

Senate Bill 15

Free weapon permit for law enforcement officers who had to retire honorably  because of a disability

Read Here

Senate Bill 202

It will increase the personal allowance allotted for people in nursing homes to purchase personal hygiene and toiletry items to $70 dollars a month.


They will now have more money for their personal needs 

It was attached to House Bill 206, adopted, and signed by the governor.


The last increase was about 10 years ago!

Read SB 202 Here

Read SB 206 Here

Cobb County Democrats Legislator of the Year!


Remembering our student leader!

See Rajaan's video here!

Sen. Michael Rhett And

Rep. Teri Anulewicz

Rank Top Among Cobb State Legislators On Environmental Issues

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